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Melasma Aetiology and Treatment Review

Melasma Aetiology and Treatment ReviewMelasma is a chronic acquir

Is Aesthetic Medicine a Specialty?

Previously, anything to do with skincare is either completely med

Rejuvenation of the Upper Face

Much has changed in the field of aesthetic dermatology.

Laser Tattoo Removal - How a Tattoo is Removed

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植髮巳被醫學引證為有效改善頭髮稀疏的手術方法,原理是將後枕(捐髮區)健康而不受雙氫睪固酮(Dihydrotestosterone / DHT) 影響的頭髮毛囊,移植到光禿或稀疏的位置(植髮區),令頭頂...

微整型 – 怎樣混合使同肉毒桿菌 / 透明質酸 / 聚左乳酸

醫學美容大致可以分為三部份: 護膚產品 注射療程 機械療程 注射療程主要有: 肉毒桿菌蛋白 透明質酸 聚左乳酸 (塑然雅) 至於微晶瓷,綜合目前資料,我覺得產生不良反應的機會頗大,因此並不喜歡...


誰不想擁有一雙巨吸引你的眼睛? 單眼皮的眼睛有著傳統的美感, 但是普遍中國人的審美標準, 都會覺得雙眼皮的眼睛在美容角度上比較好看, 因此在 香港雙眼皮手術 十分普遍, 也有不同的整形外科手術可以選擇...


整形外科 (亦稱作整容外科) 是一門專為因先天性缺陷,外傷及燒傷,疾病和老化而導致容貌及身形受損和改變而設的專科,利用先進的整形外科技術,改善及美化外表,使病人恢復正常的儀容。 專注於美化'正常'容貌... was founded in 2016. The concept to build such a platform has been contemplated for a few years. The founder has worked in the medical aesthetic field for almost 20 years and has thorough insights in the industry. provides detailed listings and profiles of many good standard aesthetic centres, doctors and other engaged professionals on our platform, and helps clients find, compare, and book the right services providers. Initially we concentrate our service in Hong Kong but of course we hope to expand into Mainland China when the timing is right.

As far as we know, is the first of its kind in Hong Kong, and focuses only in aesthetic medicine.

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  • Life Clinic

    "My treatment still ongoing :) but so far the service is really good :)" Reviewed 19 Mar 2014 Source: (genuine review verified by whatclinic review team with email)

  • Lily Medi Spa

    "I do the scar removal treatment, I can see the result already after 3 times, price is very reasonable so I can afford, already see improvement after first treatment, so join the package, hope after 6 sessions , my scar will light then I can wear dress. I have scar on leg over 15yrs but they recommend me to do the treatment once first , no upsale and special open on Sunday for me, very kind and warm service so I ask to buy the 6 sessions of packages." Reviewed 23 Jun 2015 Source : (genuine review verified by whatclinic review team with email)