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Dr Titania Tong

At the office of Dr. Titania, you are in good hands from the moment you enter. The dental professionals that form our care team have all been exactly where you are - in the dentist's chair. We understand the anxiety that may develop when dental treatment is needed, and take measures to create the most comfortable experience for each patient.
Our patient clientele ranges from the very young to those well past retirement age. We are careful to look at each patient as the individual he or she is, and we provide care based on age as well as personal experience. Children who visit our practice are treated to cartoons on the television over the dental chair, and adults who are undergoing a more lengthy treatment such as teeth whitening may opt to relax and watch a movie during their time in the chair. All patients benefit from our pain-free philosophy. From start to finish, patient experience is at the top of our list of priorities. When you feel comfortable, you can more readily receive the care you need to create your healthiest smile.
服務形式: 醫務中心



香港中環擺花街46號東方明珠商業大廈13B, Hong Kong (SAR)


週一 09:30 ~ 18:30
週二- CLOSED -
週三- CLOSED -
週四- CLOSED -
週五- CLOSED -
週六- CLOSED -
週日及公眾假期- CLOSED -


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