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Diamond White Teeth Spa

Located in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central district, Diamond White Teeth Whitening Centre has the longest history among all blue-light teeth whitening centres. We provide professional and reliable services by our world-renowned technology and whitening gel, which fully comply with US FDA, CE, ISO comply to standards.

We have a team of seasoned dentists who can provide professional dental advices, leaving customers an entirely safe and reliable blue-light teeth whitening experience! Our peroxide-free blue-light teeth whitening technology effectively improves the cosmetic appearance of teeth by whitening them up to 3-8 shades in 30 minutes without any side-effect. 99% of our customers comment that this technology is entirely safe and effective, causing no teeth sensitivity or pain.
服務形式: 美容中心



香港中環皇后大道中70號卡佛大廈22樓2204室, Hong Kong (SAR)


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