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i-Yimei Privacy Policy Declaration

i-Yimei respects all users browsing the contents and using the services of the website. Our policy is based on the Personal Data Protection Ordinance (Cap.486). If you are a registered member or user, we will collect some of your personal data, so that we are at the best in providing you the necessary services.

Purposes of Collected Data

1.    To ensure we can provide the services uninterrupted.
2.    To contact members and users for promotion
3.    To understand better members’ and users’ preferences so as to customize our services
4.    To do quantitative and qualitative surveys, and to draw analytical study on the results.
5.    To notify members and users about new products, promotions, and recommendations.
6.    To answer enquiries about members’ and users’ registered accounts

Date Privacy

All personal data collected from registered members and users are strictly confidential. However, we reserve the rights to transfer these data to third parties, such as our advertising clients and their related companies, and network services personnel responsible for maintenance of their registered accounts.

Apart from personal data, any information, suggestions, opinions and statements provided by members and users in the website are deemed as non-confidential. i-Yimei reserves the rights to use, duplicate, make public, publish, broadcast, and post the above information at any sites.

Data Update and Deletion

If there is any need for amendment or deletion of personal data, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.