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A hospital staffer has been arrested for performing plastic surgeries without a doctor's license, police said Monday.

According to Gangnam Police Station, a local court issued an arrest warrant for the man, surnamed Lim, 56, after the prosecution sought it following the police's request.

Lim allegedly performed double eyelid surgeries and nose jobs on at least 186 patients between January last year and February this year at a clinic in Nonhyeon, southern Seoul. The clinic owner, surnamed Kang, 40, who hired Lim, was booked without physical detention.

No medical malpractice from Lim's surgeries has been reported yet. Rather, Lim's patients showed great satisfaction with the results, with many of them recommending him to their close acquaintances.

Police said that Kang, a urologist, acquired the clinic early last year, but as he lacked relevant knowledge in plastic surgery, he asked Lim to perform surgical procedures. Lim had been working there long before.

Lim has basic medical knowledge as he obtained a license as a nursing assistant 30 years ago and served his mandatory military duty as a medic.

While Lim's duties were strictly limited to helping doctors and nurses, he managed to learn most surgical operation procedures while working at a plastic surgery clinic in downtown Seoul.

Lim even taught Kang how to use a scalpel to make an incision and insert a nasal prosthesis.

After quitting Kang's clinic in February, he began working at a nearby clinic in Yeoksam-dong. Following tips about the unlicensed practice, police located him by tracking his mobile phone.

They found that Lim worked for not only the Yeoksam clinic but also for at least five other clinics in the southern Seoul area, performing surgeries on call. It is not known whether the other clinics knew about his lack of qualification.

Lim initially denied the allegation, but confessed later following Kang's confession.

Police plan to expand their investigation, suspecting that more patients and clinics might be involved.

Source: 14th May 2017 Korean Times