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We believe genuine independent reviews can help those who are searching for treatments. Time and effort you spend in writing reviews can help others to know the realities of treatment, the costs, recovery times and results, so they can be better informed, and go on to make better decisions about treatments they want.

Reviews should be genuine, original and relevant, and should not be malicious, offensive or deliberately harmful.

How does it work?

1.    Write your review. Tell us about what you have done and the experience, the cost, the result, and how you feel about the treatment, the centre, or the person who did the treatment, and whether you would recommend them. Reviews with some photos are more interesting and popular.

2.    Verify your review. You will get a phone-call and an email to confirm that you did leave a review. Your review will be passed for moderation which can take up to 5 working days.

3. Your review will only be considered for publication if it meets review guidelines.

Guidelines for writing reviews:

1.    Genuine

Only genuine clients can leave a review for centres listed on our site. The review must relate to a treatment you have had at the centre in question and we ask you to confirm the review content by email. When we have confirmed all these, we mark your review as 'verified'.

Centre owners are not allowed to write or encourage associates or staffs to write reviews. We have automated and manual security features such as IP tracking and geo-coding that helps us find and delete false reviews.

2.    Original

If your review has been published somewhere else, we don’t want it.

3.    Relevant

There are a few basic things that are relevant to most people reading reviews.

     What treatment did you go for?
     Were you happy with the treatment?
     How much did you pay?
     Overall was the treatment worth it?

A photo is a great way to make a review more useful and interesting.

4.    Legal matters

Allegations of medical negligence should be reported to the proper authorities. We have no authority over the centres and doctors listed on our site.

If there are any current legal proceedings in the scenario, we will not publish the review as this can interfere with those proceedings.

You are publishing a review and it is your responsibility to ensure that it is accurate and not misleading, as posting false information can have legal ramifications, whether the review is positive or negative in tone.

You must be over 18 years old to leave a review. A legal guardian may leave a review on behalf of a minor.

You are reviewing your treatment at the clinic in question, not any individual at the clinic. Specifically, there should be no personal insults or accusations in your review.

5.    Privacy

Your verification details (full name, email, phone number) are stored safely and securely and will never be displayed to the public. When you write a review, we will display only your first name and district or city. For your own privacy, you should not include any contact information.

If your review breaks any of the above guidelines, it will not be published. We reserve the right to not publish any review for any reason, or delete reviews without prior notification.