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We believe genuine independent reviews can help those who are searching for treatments. Reviews can help to share the realities of treatment, the costs, recovery times and results and people can be better informed, and go on to make better decisions about treatments they want.

We are committed to publishing useful, genuine reviews and we work very hard to weed out possible false reviews, by verification, moderation and through a series of checks on IP and email addresses, before any review is published.

Only reviews that were confirmed by the authors, either by phone or by email will be labeled as 'verified' and published. We might also email or phone them again for clarification or extra information, and check that each review meets our review guidelines. It can take up to 10 working days to moderate a review. It helps potential clients to understand you and your centre if you have more reviews, particularly positive ones. You are encouraged to remind clients who have visited you to leave reviews for you.

We would not take it lightly when come to publishing negative reviews, and we would take even more rigorous steps to ensure negative comments are absolutely genuine, for example by asking for a receipt of the treatment in focus and call you for confirmation of the visit. We shall not publish remarks that are overtly malicious, or defamatory.

All reviews are subjective opinions of visitors to and not of takes all reasonable steps necessary to ensure that all reviews published on the site meet our review guidelines. We reserve the right to not publish any review or remove a review if we believe it violates our review guidelines. makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness, legality or safety of any of the site content, including reviews. disclaims all liability for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damage to reputation, business interruption, or loss of profits caused by the reviews.