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Medical aesthetic industry has grown so much since 2000. The numbers of aesthetic centres, doctors and professionals has increased many folds. Unfortunately with so many players in the market, the standard of services varies widely and it is not uncommon to encounter sub-standard service providers, illegitimate personnel, and even fake products.

Clients often feel confused when they come to receive aesthetic treatments. We want to give them, through our platform, as much as possible the professional and unbiased information they need to make an informed choice, and help them search for high quality services at more reasonable prices.

Meanwhile we can help increase the exposure of the services providers to many more potential clients, not only from their own localities but also extend to anywhere in the world. We act as the link between them, so that they can be matched successfully.

We shall be 100% independent, and we are not an agent or middle man, so we shall not be receiving money from clients on behalf of services providers, or involved in their financial transactions with rebates or split fees whatsoever.