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Our Company is established in 2016.

i-Yimei provides a platform listing out in details of many high quality aesthetic centres and their professional team members including the medical professionals, as well as the services that they provide. We hope that this will help the users to find, compare and book the appropriate service provider that will best suit them. In the early phase, we shall concentrate our platform service within the Hong Kong boundary but of course when the time is right, we would very much like to take the opportunity to expand into the mainland, and help the services seekers to find the right services providers. 

As far as we know, is the first of its kind in Hong Kong, and focuses only in aesthetic medicine.

Our Services

Medical aesthetic industry has grown so much since 2000. The numbers of aesthetic centres, doctors and professionals has increased many folds. Unfortunately with so many players in the market, the standard of services varies widely and it is not uncommon to encounter sub-standard service providers, illegitimate personnel, and even fake products.

Clients often feel confused when they come to receive aesthetic treatments. We want to give them, through our platform, as much as possible the professional and unbiased information they need to make an informed choice, and help them search for high quality services at more reasonable prices.

Meanwhile we can help increase the exposure of the services providers to many more potential clients, not only from their own localities but also extend to anywhere in the world. We act as the link between them, so that they can be matched successfully.

We shall be 100% independent, and we are not an agent or middle man, so we shall not be receiving money from clients on behalf of services providers, or involved in their financial transactions with rebates or split fees whatsoever.

Contact Us

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Reviews Charter believes genuine, independent reviews can help those who are searching for treatments, by sharing the realities of treatment, including the costs, recovery times and results. People can be better informed, and go on to make better decisions about treatments they want.

We are committed to publishing useful, genuine reviews and we work very hard to weed out possible false reviews, by verification, moderation and through a series of checks on IP and email addresses, before any review is published.

Only reviews that were confirmed by the author by phone and by email will be labeled as 'verified'. This means we have called back and confirmed the phone number, as well as sent an email to the email address of author, who has replied as confirmation.

We might also email or phone the reviewer again for clarification or extra information. We also check each review meets our review guidelines. It can take up to 10 working days to moderate a review. When it is published, we email the author to let them know.

We have automated and manual security features such as IP tracking and geo-coding that helps us find and delete false reviews done by centre owners or staffs. Once done, the centre in question may be removed from our listings.

We encourage clients to share their personal experiences with other people who are considering treatment, including costs, and results, as well as disappointment, complications and other negatives. However, it is not the right place to air individual grievances or pursue complaints. For serious complaints about the standard of services they received, a better way of dealing with it is by contacting the appropriate local authorities, who have the means and the power to do something about it.

Because of this, we would not take it lightly when come to publishing negative reviews, and we would take even more rigorous steps to ensure negative comments are absolutely genuine, for example by asking for a receipt of the treatment in focus. We shall not publish remarks that are overtly malicious, or defamatory.

Reviews may remain unpublished because:

l  The review is clearly false.
l  The review is not written by that person who received the treatment, except in the case of a legal guardian representing a minor.
l  The review is clearly malicious or defamatory.
l  The review was copied from another site.
l  The centre has no record of the person who wrote the review
l  The reviewers cannot or will not confirm they were a client.

We hold ourselves out as the most professional platform of this kind, and strive to maintain lists of only high standard aesthetic centres, doctors, and related personnel. When there are repeated, proven, negative reviews of a particular centre or practitioner, we shall, with regret but determination, suspend the listing for a defined period.